Drone Data Processing

Intetics Inc. Cooperation

Colibri Consult signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Intetics Inc. to propose remote drone dat processing services on the Belgian market.

Colibri Consult cooperates with Intetics Inc. to deliver background data processing of services in Belgium.

Intetics Inc. is a key player in the outsourcing business.

With over 20 years in the industry, Intetics has earned numerous awards and accolades for its growth, quality of services and commitment to customer satisfaction. Among the most prestigious awards include Inc 5000, Global Outsourcing 100, Global Services 100, and Software 500.

The GIS and Geospatial Solutions department focusses on the processing of geospatial data.


Data processing workflow

These are the major steps of the workflow:

  1. You provide the requirements in terms of deliverables, formats etc ...

  2. You provide an image of the survey territory from google maps or alike

  3. You do the flying and collect the data

  4. You upload the images to a file share that we provide for the project

  5. You provide the geotags of the images and the GCP's (optionally)

  6. After a data quality check the processing takes place

  7. Once the processing is complete the deliverables are provided on the file share

Done !

Quality assurance

For best output results each step needs proper attention.

Have a specific mission in mind? We can advise you how to best shoot your images. Plan your flight, what overlap to consider, etc...

Output requirements will be reviewed and agreed up front

What input can be processed ?

We process RGB, Lidar, thermal and NDVI data.


What outputs can you deliver ?

All outputs that softwares like Pix4D or Agisoft Photoscan offer (pointclouds, DTM, ... )

It is also possible to take it a step further with:

  • Vectorization

  • Perform measurements

  • Perform volume calculations

  • Analyze solar panels for hotspots and disconnections

  • ...

What about repetitive work ?

Do you need to perform the same flight and processing over and over like every month?

Even better!  Repetitive projects can be optimized.

The first time is a pilot project focussing on the outputs and on the workflow. Tuning the workflow and the deliverables upto the expected standards and for best and fastest execution.

All further instances will be optimized resulting in faster and cheaper delivery.  

What about the costs ?

The cost of processing is based on the following parameters:

  • The surface in ha or m²

    • examples:

      • Process thermal data to Orthophoto: 100€/ha​

      • Process RGB data to Orthophoto: 35€/ha

      • Analyze solar panels for hotspots: 15€/ha

  • The use of Ground Control Points

  • The quality of the delivered data

  • The expected outcomes

  • One time or repetitive project

  • ... specials ...

Why would I outsource ?

There are several reasons why outsourcing is the smart choice to make:

  • Processing and analyzing is time consuming. What if you use this time for what you are best at: prospecting new customers and flying your missions. 

  • Data processing is very CPU and GPU intensive. Even on a powerfull desktop the processing easily takes several hours and in most cases days to complete.

  • There are several software solutions on the market. While they all have their strengths a small company cannot afford to buy them all and to have the necessary expertise that each require.

  • Unless you process data on a daily basis you will never reach the same level of expertise. Data processing is our core business. We have many experts working day in and out with these specialized softwares.

  • Repetitive work is ideal to document and outsource ensuring consistent quality results.

  • Competitive pricing

  • Speed of work.

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