What We Do

Colibri Consult delivers RPAS consultancy, project management, inspection and photography services.

You decide how much of the work you delegate and how much you keep under your own control.

•    Mission planning
•    Mission clearance
•    Mission Supervision
•    Inspections

•    Photogrammetry with drones

•    Consultancy Services


New: Remote drone data processing

Save time and money by outsourcing your drone data processing.

Processing images for photogrammetry purposes requires powerful computing power, expertise, expensive software licenses and interpretation of the results.

Focus on your customers and the flying and leave the processing to experts. 


By outsourcing the data processing you can cut costs and save time that you can use more effectively.

Mission Planning

Mission planning will prepare for you all the planning aspects of an RPAS mission.

Each mission will be assessed in terms of location, the risks and mitigations, the no-fly zones, the meteo and the necessary clearances.

Mission Clearance

Mission clearance will take care of obtaining the necessary clearances for your mission. We prepare all the paperwork, submit and perform the follow-up until clearance is received. Doing it right from the first time ensures the fastest route to your clearance. 


With Supervision we manage the mission from the planning stage until the actual execution of the mission while you focus on the flying.  

Inspections and photography services

Inspection and photography services is for clients who are only interrested in the end result be the pictures then you can leave it all to us. We agree on the expected content and from there on we take care of it all. 


Photogrammetry with drones.
Using our professional drone we take high quality pictures according to a flight plan. The photos are processed with renowned photogrammetry software to a point cloud. The pointcloud forms the basis for measurements, and volume determinations, and further processing to a digital terrain or surface model. Ortho Pictures of the whole and facades are also among the possibilities. For the processing, use is made of Pix4d and Orbit. We operate throughout Belgium departing from Mechelen.

Consultancy services

With consultancy services you have access to a professional Pilot, Observer, Spotter,  Project Manager or Technical Writer.

Need help with:

  • Creating your operational handbook

  • Creating your Drone business plan

  • Calculating your power needs on the go

  • Evaluation or auditing your operations

  • Seek advice


The technical writing provides support with the creation and updating of your crucial flight documents:

  • Checklists,

  • Risk Assessment matrices,

  • Operational manuals,

  • Logbooks,

  • Safety documents,

  • ... 

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