The Drone is just another 'cool' tool

Drone operations is indeed about safe flying a drone to complete a mission. But there is more. For the customer it is the end result that counts. The perfect picture for advertising the company. The details for inspections. The overview and accuracy for volume calculations and measurements.

Often the flying is a minor part of the complete operation.

In all types of missions the end result may and often will influence the flight plan. The time of day, the height, the speed the distance etc all conditions that need to be well thought to obtain the desired results.

The preparation prior to the flights are key. Every step of the workflow deserves attention in function of the end result and of the safe flying.

That is when you need to rely on professionals. Look beyond the drone device, it is just another tool.

#drone #photogrammetry #fotogrammetrie #inspections #inspecties

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