Solar panel inspections the summer job

Solar panel inspections are the job for the summer. Internal damages in the solar panel cannot be seen from the outside. A visual inspection will not reveal a broken cell. This is where the thermal camera comes in very handy.

The thermal camera will detect heat spots as a result of the damage.

This is really the ideal job for a drone. With very little effort the drone is at reasonable height and angle to have the panels within the field of view of the thermal camera.

It only takes 3 to 4 pictures from different angles to be able for an expert to judge the quality of the panels.

Unfortunately there is a drawback. You need good sunlight for the resistance as a result of a damage to heat up. While it can be a hide and seek game between clouds and sun the most critical part is the privacy.

Nice sunny weather means that people enjoy their garden or swimming pool and of course they do not appreciate a drone taking pictures from above. So before you bring your drone in the air make sure to inform all neighbours.

On one occasion a neighbour who realized that we were a professional drone operator excused herself for pointing a finger at the drone.

We checked the pictures but no person was visible on any of the pictures.

Told you we are professionals !

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